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Rebellion Dogs is a closed online men's meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. Attendance is limited to members who identify as men with a desire to stop drinking. Rebellion Dogs was created in response to the coronavirus, so that alcoholics in recovery would not have to worry about missing meetings due to government restrictions. Any funds raised by the meeting will be used for the operation of the meeting.  

“So it is that we first see humility as a necessity. But this is the barest beginning. To get completely away from our aversion to the idea of being humble, to gain a vision of humility as the avenue to true freedom of the human spirit, to be willing to work for humility as something to be desired for itself, takes most of us a long, long time. A whole lifetime geared to self-centeredness cannot be set in reverse all at once. Rebellion dogs our every step at first.”

Excerpt From

Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions

AA World Services, Inc.


Schedule and Conferencing Information

Modern Meeting Room


All times are in US Eastern Standard Time

Seven days a week: 12:00pm to 1:00pm


Conferencing Information

Zoom Meeting Info:

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  1. Video sharing is optional

  2. Please mute yourself when you are not speaking

  3. Please do not speak while someone else is speaking

  4. You may only share after being called on by the speaker or leader

  5. Please no cross talk with the speaker or any other group members

  6. Gratitude lists and memes are not permitted under any circumstances

  7. Any intentional failure to adhere to these rules will result in being kicked from the meeting

Dollar Notes

The 7th Tradition

 “Every A.A. group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.”

We rely on Rebellion Dogs group members' support to help keep the meeting running. Contributions for Rebellion Dogs can only come from personal contributions from AA members. Please attend the meeting for further information on how to contribute.

Plants and Coffees
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